Daily Ritual

Honoring one’s patron deity  (or any guardian spirit)  as a daily routine will ensure a steady connection.  Such spirits are around all the time,  but maintaining a close bond offers peace of mind,  as well as a more conscious awareness of that spiritual presence.

I light a candle every day for my patron deity,  the Norse God Loki.  He has been with me in various forms throughout my life,  and though I know he is a constant presence,  performing a daily ritual allows me to focus on him regularly.

Prayer and various rituals for certain occasions are always significant,  but a simple daily ritual will ensure blessings from a patron/guardian on a regular basis.  I light a candle each day as part of my daily routine,  just as I have a bath,  brush my teeth,  and prepare meals.  It becomes second nature,  and magic is routinely practiced.

In some of my contact with other Pagans,  they often wonder how to summon a patron deity.  It is actually simpler than one might imagine;  spiritual entities may exist beyond the physical plane,  but they can always be accessed.  Formal ritual and spell work are useful,  but not necessary.  Treat a patron as a close friend.  A simple ritual of acknowledgement will keep the connection strong,  and guarantee a greater channel of communication.

I light a candle daily,  but any simple daily activity of one’s choosing will be just as helpful.  There is never physical distance between a patron and his/her charge;  simply reach out,  and the bond will strengthen.