Common Ground In Spirituality

Though I identify myself as a Lokean,  I strive to find common ground among various spiritual paths;  all positive paths have the same common goal:  To be in touch with the Divine.  In general,  this is the ideology of an eclectic Pagan.

As a Patron God,  Loki can keep one in touch with other Divine entities,  whether of the Norse Pantheon,  or other sources;  particularly,  any paths akin to the Nordic Tradition,  especially Celtic.  Conversely,  I studied Celtic Paganism extensively in my early days of being Pagan,  which is closely tied with Germanic Paganism.  The Celtic Equine Goddess,   Epona,  will always be my Divine Patroness and friend.

Parallels among many ancient traditions exist;  though mainstream religion has cast much negativity on the modern revival of Paganism,  it is not,  in of itself,  negative.  It is not fair to judge an entire class of person based on what individuals or isolated groups do;  I have seen good and bad examples set on both sides of the religious coin.

Yes,  there are bad apples in every barrel,  but I choose not to focus on who my  ‘enemies’  may or may not be.  As an eclectic solitary Pagan/Lokean,  I must keep my heart and mind open.  Loki teaches me to find balance between light and dark energy,  and even if it is a tricky balancing act in establishing common ground among many paths,  it remains important to do just that.