Animal Spirits

If one has a primary animal spirit  (totem),  related species are part of the same spiritual archetype.  For instance,  if the primary totem is a raven,  then other corvids  (members of the crow family)  are included as   ‘extended’  totems.

My primary animal spirit is a horse,  but anything pertaining to an equine  (including zebras,  mules and donkeys)  are extensions of that totem,  as are mythological equines  (such as unicorns and Pegasus).  Of course,  an individual can have multiple totems;  those which are not primary,  will make their presence felt when needed.

As with any other spiritual entity/archetype,  imagery is useful for communication.  Artwork  (whether one’s own,  or the creation of another source)  is excellent for this purpose,  as well as photographs.

Connecting with any animal totem  (primary or otherwise)  is simple;  if an animal is not actually encountered regularly in person,  recurring dreams and visions in meditation can also lead one to his/her animal spirit guides.