Drawing And Spellwork

My patron deity reminded me that there is magic in any form of creativity with purpose;  since I’ve been drawing more lately,  I have noticed that my luck is improving.  Playing favorite music seems to amplify the creative drive,  so I will continue to utilize it as I make my art.

Prosperity is always appreciated,  so that will be my present goal.


Color Significance

In some sources I’ve studied,  color is not only important in magic and ritual;  it can also have a great symbolic meaning.  I readily admit to an affinity for the modern pop culture version of the Norse God Loki,  yet,  there may be more meaning to this than what is on the surface.  There are many important symbols regarding any image,  but coloring seems to hold the most power.

The color scheme of my chosen image of Loki speaks to me in many ways:

  1.  Black hair.  Loki is associated with the fire element,  and having dark locks may symbolize sacrificing various aspects to fire  (unneeded or unwanted things in my life have been,  or should be,  burned away).
  2. Golden armor.  Gold is a classic color of Divine Power,  and is also friendly to the fire element.  Divine Fire is Loki’s greatest asset.
  3. Blue-green eyes.  Turquoise is my favorite color,  and if nothing else,  this is a general appeal to that affinity.  The coloring and stone are associated with healing and intellect  (two important Loki qualities for myself).
  4. Green cloak.  Green is a strong healing color,  also symbolic of abundance,  prosperity and material needs.  Good luck is essential,  but so is that  ‘earthy’  need to stay grounded.
  5. Black clothing.  An extension of the  ‘burning away of the old to make way for the new’  principle.  Thoroughly destroying negativity to refresh myself with strong positive energy.

Negative Energy

I know that negativity cannot always be avoided,  but sometimes I find it is best to cut out as much of it as possible.  Keeping a positive mindset is essential.  One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from Loki,  is maintaining a sense of humor in as many situations as possible.

Laughter is a surprisingly great stress reliever;  I have discovered that,  if I’m experiencing more stress or negative vibes than usual,  that a long laughing session is therapeutic!  Watching favorite comedy television shows or films seems best.

One would think that having a bad day would not put one in the mood for laughter,  but on the worst of days,  it’s actually best to allow it.  Not only does my mood improve,  so does my luck.  During the worst times,  provoke some laughter,  because it is the best medicine.