Magpie Magic!

My cartoon illustration of Marvel Loki and a magpie,  with colorful crystal spheres floating in the background  (an homage to the 1986 fantasy film,  “Labyrinth”).




In Defense Of Pop Culture

It seems that people who take an interest in pop culture imagery,  regarding spiritual entities/Divinities,  are given unfair disrespect.  It is true,  people can take fantasy too seriously  (even to the point of delusion),  but in the right measure,  images  (from any source)  can be a playful way to communicate with spirits/Deities.

Play is essential to well-being for some  (myself included),  and there is no harm in this,  provided there is a balance with serious spiritual practice.  Images are tools;  they can be important,  but never a true substitute for the spiritual forces connecting with one through them.

As an eccentric artist,  I cannot criticize anyone for enjoying pop culture,  including integrating it into spirituality.  Does this mean it’s for everyone?  No;  it just has meaning to those who practice it.

Loki has appeared to me in multiple forms over the years.  He has a childlike nature himself,  and if he wishes to use that in conjunction with my own playfulness,  then so be it.  Play aside,  I always have been  (and always will be)  serious about my bond with him.

I gave up on caring what negativity others may have towards me long ago,  especially if they are strangers.  That being said,  I do not appreciate anyone else being disregarded in such a way.

Now,  if you’ll excuse me,  I have Play-Doh to work with.



Horns Of A Dilemma

I recently had an epiphany,  regarding my affinity for Loki with horns:  I thought of the expression,  being  “on the horns of a dilemma”.  As a Trickster deity,  Loki is great at casting one out of the comfort zone, placing him/her in situations which require making complicated choices.  Though I adore Loki in any form,  I admit to having a strong love for his Marvel pop culture identity,  in which he wears a helmet with prominent horns.

My life has seldom kept me in any sort of comfort zone,  which I know is what Loki is meant to guide me through.  Being thrust into what seems like chaos,  may actually lead to better things  (life experiences and wisdom).  My latest circumstances have caused me to use more cunning,  deep thought,  and most importantly,  to make drastic decisions;  change can be frightening,  but it’s often necessary.  No one should stay stuck in a rut.

My latest spellwork has resulted in another trip out of the comfort zone,  but my life choices are becoming clearer as a result.  As always,  I am grateful for Loki’s guidance.  It seems that we are drawn to certain images for a reason,  and I am pleased with the symbolism.




I purchased some scented candles,  and worked with Loki on a prosperity spell,  using the green candle  (a color associated with health and wealth).  Spells can take time to manifest results,  so I am waiting patiently to see my luck improve.

On a personal note,  my depression has flared up a lot recently,  hence the need for a potent spell.  For the moment,  I feel more at peace,  and remain hopeful that I will garner more outside interest in my creative projects.

I also created a hand-painted satin mojo bag  (amulet pouch),  with a lovely pop culture image of Loki,  strung on a teal cord.  I have placed a small black velvet bag with gemstones inside  (including an orange carnelian),  which will not only enhance my positive energy,  but strengthen my connection to Loki.





Underworld Magic!

I have sensed Loki’s presence far more strongly over the past few days,  and especially on the day and night of Samhain  (Halloween).  Considering his connection to the Underworld  (and the fact that spirit activity is generally powerful at this time),  this comes as no shock,  but it offered much comfort.

I recently got back in touch with a Pagan friend with whom I lost contact for several years.  Tess was a mutual friend,  and Rob is currently in the process of becoming a High Priest;  he is already an accomplished teacher of the Faerie Faith.  Though not affiliated with Asatru or other modern Nordic Traditions,  he has an affinity for Trickster Gods,  so we had a pleasant phone conversation regarding Loki.

Considering the major upheavals I’ve experienced in the past year  (even recently),  it is good to know that positive changes and messages are appearing,  especially when I need them most.